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Lawn care services

Nutrient programme

Most lawns require a balanced nutrient programme to ensure a green healthy sward. As part of our annual lawn care programme we provide a balanced and sustainable nutrient diet for your lawn.
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Weed control

Our damp fertile environment in the UK often creates the perfect conditions for new weed seeds to germinate. If left to Mother Nature, lawns can be overcome by weed infestation.
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Moss control

Moss is a common factor in most English lawns. Even the best lawns usually need some form of moss control particularly in the shaded parts of the garden.
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Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


Greatly improves the soil and root structure by relieving compaction, root pruning, penetration of sub-surface thatch allowing vital nutrients and water into the soil as well as assisting vital bacterial activity.
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Removes harmful excess thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings & moss that can accumulate over many years.
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Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


It is essential to occasionally regenerate your lawn by over-seeding, especially if Aeration or Scarification has taken place, which will have created soil contact and a favourable environment for the new seed to develop successfully.
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The Lawntech team

The team that makes Lawntech tick

From a ‘one man, one van’ operation with a handful of clients, Lawntech has grown steadily over the past ten years. We now have more than fifteen employees and thousands of regular clients. Lawntech’s private ownership allows us the flexibility to ensure our technicians treat your lawn using the very best equipment and knowledge to do the job properly, which is not something a franchise could replicate. As well as several technicians in the field we have a team supporting them back at our base in Wilton. read more…

The South's leading independent lawn care company

The South's leading independent lawn care company

Lawntech offers a complete lawn care treatment service for any type of lawn. With several fully qualified technicians on the road, we serve Salisbury, Southampton, Totton, Romsey, Winchester & Andover; Newbury, Bournemouth & Poole, Dorchester; Blandford, Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Amesbury, Devizes, Westbury, Trowbridge, Frome, Warminster, Pewsey, Marlborough, Hungerford, Yeovil, Basingstoke, Wokingham; as well as Lymington & The New Forest and all surrounding areas. read more…


We love beautiful lawns. If you are a Lawntech customer or not you can show your lawn on this page by simply entering your email address and click on Send. We will email you the instructions on how to send us your pictures. Lawns featured on our showcase receive a £25.00 John Lewis voucher.

Lawn care advice

The Red Thread Threat

If you are noticing Red Thread on your lawn, you are not alone. Red thread is back with a vengeance and we plan to help you as best we can!With red thread being the most common lawn disease it is not unlikely your lawn will suffer from it at some point....

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Preparing your lawn for the Summer

With summer upon us, we should prepare ourselves for what could be a dry summer. Whilst the sun provides us with much-needed warmth and is always a great reason to have a bbq, it doesn't do our lawn much good without some rain. Without rainfall, you will begin to...

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Help! Badgers keep digging up my lawn!

These not so little creatures can be a real nuisance once they decide to your garden is the perfect place for food, you can imagine the sort of damage they will leave behind. Badgers are protected in the UK as their numbers are slowly dwindling. Whilst we do not want...

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Tailor made

We provide annual or one-off lawn treatment programmes, tailor made to each client’s lawn. We make sure they remain in tip-top condition.


We are proud of our independent non franchised status which allows us to provide an exceptional standard of bespoke lawn care and lawn renovation services.


Our qualified technicians come from a Green Keeping or turf management background and have a wealth of experience within the industry.


Professional and personalised lawn care service is the key to our success. We ensure ongoing customer satisfaction by bringing the `personal touch’ to our client’s lawns.

Jim Hewlett

Welcome to Lawntech, my name is Jim Hewlett, I have been in the turf business for 30 years. When I started Lawntech back in 2006 I had a clear vision of what lawn care in the UK really should be. I am tremendously proud that Lawntech has become one of the leading independent lawn care companies in the UK, serving Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset & Somerset.

We call it bringing a little bit of greenkeeping to the garden.

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