Red thread is a tiny red fungus that attacks the leaf of the grass plant and will create bleached unsightly patches in your lawn. Damp warm weather provides perfect conditions for red thread to attack otherwise healthy lawns.

Often or not when we experience this sudden flush of soft growth many lawns can expect an outbreak of Red Thread. Red Thread is a small pink fungus which attacks the leaf of the plant causing the infected areas to temporarily die back and fade to a bleached tan colour.

What Should We Do About Red Thread?

In most cases the fungus and patches should disappear after a few weeks as the fungus spores rarely affect the roots, but in severe cases during a prolonged attack we can apply a systemic fungicide which will kill the Red Thread and protect against further attack for 6 -8 weeks.

The good new about Red Thread is that it does not cause any permanent damage to your lawn.

Please contact the Lawntech office on 01722 744300 if you have any further queries about Red Thread or other lawn issues.

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