The Alresford show on 7th of September was a great success, with Operations Manager Chris Fisher and marketing guy Bob Spry manning our stand. A little knowledge and enthusiasm from both our boys meant that no question went unanswered and of course, they’re not shy when speaking to new clientele. They were also happy to see a lot of familiar faces who dropped by to say hello.

As always, the showgrounds were packed with happy visitors of all ages, taking in the arena displays, floral pavilions and competitions. The sun also put in an appearance, which put a smile on all those faces. There were also plenty of big, shiny tractors and agricultural equipment for kids of all ages to clamber all over, and enticing the farmers to part with their hard-earned cash! Animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and persuasion were being paraded, raced, ridden and judged, and retail opportunities abounded. Visitors and exhibitors alike were able to stuff their faces with every kind of food and drink from all corners of the globe. There truly was something for everyone, and they all went home happy. It was great to meet so many new people and introduce them to the Lawntech way.

Our new-for-2019 gazebo setup now faces a rapid turnaround, as we head off to the Romsey Show this Saturday (14th September). Office manager Toni Norris and Managing Director Jim Hewlett will be taking over the tent for this one, and both are excited as they love meeting people, answering tricky questions and participating in these shows. If you’re planning on visiting the show this weekend, be sure to head over and say hi.

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