Have you ever felt your lawn was lacking a certain something? A crisp, defining edge where it joins a path or driveway, for example? The Lawntech Group is delighted to announce the launch of our new service, specialising in the supply and installation of a range of top-quality steel lawn edgings. To keep things simple, that’s exactly what the new company is called; www.lawn-edgings.co.uk .


Lawn Edgings


Steel lawn edgings provide an extremely attractive and strong edge to bring a sharp, clean finish to any type or shape of lawn. They keep their shape permanently and are easy to maintain. They also prevent the breakdown of your grass and soil which can occur when mowing at the edges of a lawn. Our lawn edgings are available in a range of sizes and finishes including Powder-Coated Steel (coloured), Weathered Steel (with a naturally rusty look) or Corten Steel (Hi-Grade).

Lawn edging by the specialists - lawn-edgings.co.uk !


Lawn Edgings are installed by our highly experienced edging team who, as part of the Lawntech Group, have been constructing top quality gardens for over 30 years.

Our skilled team installing Lawn Edgings

Skill + Experience = Top Results.



Heavy duty steel driveway edging that is strong enough to drive over and lasts for decades!

Steel edging is a highly attractive and strong material for driveway and path edges. It is installed by our experts using extremely robust 30mm angle iron stakes and seamless fixings. It will stand the test of time, plenty of wear and tear, and provide an elegant appearance while having the strength to withstand being driven over.

Large Drive before Lawn Edgings

Large Drive before Lawn Edgings

The same Large Drive, after Lawn Edgings were installed

…and after.



















On the new Lawn Edgings website, you can measure your lawn and get an instant, bespoke price.

Simply click on the button or visit https://www.lawn-edgings.co.uk/ , where you can also check out the full range of edgings.


Measure your lawn edgings at lawn-edgings.co.uk

Whichever style you choose, they all offer the same advantages;




A seamless finish

And their sharp, elegant attractiveness.

Our new lawn edgings are already in great demand, and if you are interested it’s worth bearing in mind that autumn and winter are the perfect times to install new edging for a great looking garden next spring!




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