So I felt it is time that everyone learned a little more about the man himself James (Jim) Hewlett.

Jim started Lawntech back in 2006 but even before then he was in the lawn care business. Coming out of education at the age of 18 all he had to start was £500 and a van, now look at him. He has a total of 30 years of lawn care experience but he is still trying to improve his services by going to conferences across England and US. With a creative mindset like his, you can expect he is always trying to find new ways to provide a service that is of a high standard and highly efficient for his customers.
Jim has always been the outdoorsy type, continuously trying to keep himself busy. Loves skiing wishes he could go more often but of course, running a business does restrict how often he can go. He has been known to lose his keys and wallet (according to an inside source). There is only one place that he calls paradise, his go-to place the Canadian Rockies!

It may look like he doesn’t smile in any of his photos but I promise he does! Okay, the last one I thought was good because of his facial expression.

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