Is it that time already? Does everyone need to learn about Operations Manager Chris Fisher? Of course, they do!

Chris is one of our Senior technicians and has been a part of the Lawntech Team for quite a while (8 years to be exact). He has been working within greenkeeping and lawn care for 18 years in total, so he has a wealth of experience behind him. He has loved watching the company grow into what it is today and believes that it will keep going. Chris is usually split between working within the office and working out and about in his area which covers towns just to the east of Salisbury such as Firsdown, Pitton, Farley and many more.

He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to lawn care, with his 18 years of experience you can rest easy knowing he is taking care of your lawn. Any issues that you may find with your lawn Chris will be able to combat it.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a great blog post without some photos of the guy and as you can see he’s had a fair few hairstyles



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