From the beginning of Lawntech in 2006, the company has been expanding not only in terms of customers but also in terms of the Lawntech Team.

With the years of Lawntech being open, we are happy to say we have brought in a lot of new faces and talent. From the office staff to new technicians, Lawntech is expanding at an impressive rate. In the office, we have six members of staff who are all willing to help with queries and or free estimates. With new members being added to the already strong team of Jim, Toni and Lynne who have been handling customer care with complete professionalism. Adding in Frankie (sales/marketing assistant) has not only improved the workforce tackling day to day tasks but has used his experience to help the team in a marketing sense.

Onto the technicians, before the new additions, there was a total of seven technicians which all cover their own area from Jon covering areas like Basingstoke and Wokingham, Graham all the way down in Bournemouth to Ian handling areas such as Shaftesbury and Yeovil. You can see we do cover quite a large area so bringing in two new technicians will create tighter areas and less travel time. With Justian joining us in late 2018 and Alan joining in early 2019. We are happy to say they have been a great help with the sudden surge in lawn care this year, we have Justian handling his own rounds as he had the essential training so you may see him treating your garden sometime soon! Alan is still in the training process but will be on his own shortly, he is currently assisting other technicians and learning the ropes.


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