Now I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t to do with lawn care!
Yes you are right there but Lawntech is glad to say we were a part of this amazing project, our usual go-to video creator Ethem Cetintas has created a film with a lot of history and insight into a topic majority of us would have never heard of.

The independent film has countless interviews with extraordinary people, which include the civilian workers who had dealt with building the very spitfires in sheds and garages that helped win the war. Members of the public who saw themselves as nothing more than working and helping the war, but to the public now we see them as heroes, members who truly made an impact. The secret was kept exceedingly well considering 70 years on and there are people who still don’t know everything about it, that is how a secret should be kept.

It is a truly gripping film but be prepared to have your emotions on a rollercoaster, with feel-good moments and upsetting stories. With the use of top end filming equipment, CGI and images of the past you feel more than someone just watching, you become fully immersed in what is said and what is being shown. To also add to the success of the film it has been shown in Odeon and Showcase cinemas which is rather unusual for a documentary, it has also been reviewed by Ray Winstone and you will be able to find his interview within the website.

Little claim to fame we have helped the creation of this film and you’ll even see our name within the credits.

Here is a 2-minute trailer of the film:

If you would like more information check out the website https://secretspitfires.com

For all our Lawntech customer we are able to offer you a discount code to get  20% off on the DVD so contact us via email at customerservices@lawn-tech.co.uk or 01722 744300 and we will be more than happy to pass on the code.

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