Mow, mow, mow your lawn…

Last year the lawn loving English spent over £127 million on lawnmowers, in fact Southport, Lancashire boasts its very own lawnmower museum. For many of us mowing the lawn is a genuine pleasure away from the computer and telephone, blissfully losing track of time and providing peace and quiet out of the house.

Whilst turf professionals on golf courses and sports pitches are often able to mow almost every day to keep their hallowed ground in tip top condition, this is pretty unrealistic in a domestic environment. Leading independent lawn care company Lawntech recommend carrying out a mowing regime of at least once a week which will compliment all the other things done to the turf.

The most important thing you can do is mow regularly with the correct type of mower.

Lawn Mowing

Lawntech’s top 10 tips for mowing your lawn are:

  1. Choose a mower which is right size for your lawn – this will make mowing a delight rather than a struggle. A good guide is to compare your lawn to the size of a tennis court – a full-size tennis court would be a medium sized garden, half or less would be a small garden.
  2. Before you set your heart set on a new mower, make sure you know what kind is best for your particular lawn. If you want stripes look for a mower with a roller drive, a fine lawn would benefit from a cylinder mower or if you want a good all-rounder go for a rotary mower.
  3. If you have physical or time constraints, don’t discount a robotic mower such as the Robomow. Once the butt of tech jokes, robotic mowers have evolved over the past 20 years and are a reliable and cost effective way of mowing lawns.
  4. Never cut more than a third of the height off the grass to avoid stressing it.
  5. Occasionally change the direction in which you mow to prevent the grass lying flat.
  6. Keep your rotary mower blade sharp as lawns are easily damaged by a blunt blade – it’s a good idea to have a spare blade to hand so it can be changed mid-season.
  7. Keep your cylinder mower well adjusted. A good way to ensure your mower is cutting true is to slide a piece of paper between the cylinder and the bottom blade. If the paper tears rather than cutting cleanly it needs adjustment.
  8. Try to avoid slipping off the edge of your lawn around flower beds as this will cause scalping. Scalping can encourage weed growth and reduce the amount of energy the roots receive.
  9. Always collect your clippings for best results unless you have a very informal lawn. Another plus of using a Robomow is that they don’t leave noticeable clippings, and let’s face it, collecting clippings isn’t a fun job…
  10. Keep mowing late into the season when the grass is still growing. Often lawns get too long during the late autumn/winter, so give your lawn a winter topping when conditions allow.

So no matter the size, shape or condition of your lawn give it the care it deserves by mowing on a regular basis.

If you struggle to find the time and effort to mow frequently and the Robomow has the techie in you tingling, go to where you can find the very latest selection in robotic mowers.


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