We are now a week into April and like us, you are probably a little confused about the weather. Since the first of April, we went through heat and sunshine to cold and a little snow, all in the space of a week. Who knows what the rest of spring has in store for us. All we can do is prepare for what could come so here are some tips to keep in mind during April.

Combating the Spring Showers

Being scientific, in early spring, the jet stream starts to move northwards, allowing large depressions to bring strong winds and rain in from the Atlantic which is why we receive a sudden downpour. The worst case scenario for our lawns during these downpours is waterlogging, this is typically caused when the soil is unable to absorb any more water. In cases causing a puddle to appear and even flooding/submerging the lawn. To combat this it will be a good idea to aerate the lawn which will improve drainage and add air to the soil. The best tool will depend on the severity of the waterlogging which has occurred and the type of soil you are dealing with, but if you can’t fork out the money for an aerator then a garden fork will be a good idea, whilst it won’t have the same effects as an aerator it will provide some help to the lawn.

Helping the Grass Grow

If we’re lucky and we’re having some decent weather this is the perfect time to feed the lawn. Using a spring fertiliser will help provide the grass with essential nutrients that the lawn would have missed during the cold winter months. However, we suggest waiting if your part of the world is still cold and frost as the cold will not allow the fertiliser to dissolve into the soil. In shady areas try to trim back any trees, bushes or hedges that may restrict the amount of light reaching your lovely lawn.

Time to Weed Out the Weeds

Once you have applied your fertiliser, you will want to remove some weeds to get your lawn looking more like a lawn rather than a field. It is a good idea to wait towards the end of April and beginning of May to apply any herbicides as you will want to ensure the majority of your weeds are out, which will allow the herbicide to have its desired effects. You are able to apply a herbicide when you feel it is best but it may mean having to do another pass over in a few weeks time.

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