Sustainability is a big word at Lawntech.  Our lawn care programme is tailored to be as sustainable as possible for the good of the lawn, soil, environment, home owner and our technicians. There is no doubt that working with nature is the way forward to get the best results for your lawn. Many actions are taken to be sustainable such as not using pesticides, only spot treating weeds where possible rather than regular blanket weed treatments, using organic or semi organic fertilisers at the lowest rates possible certainly create a much healthier environment.

Wildflower Turf has revolutionised the way in which we can easily create a wildflower oasis in our gardens, which will bring wildlife such as Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Bee’s and Bugs flocking back to your garden.

With many varieties of  turf available such as Native wildflower turf which only contains species native to the UK, Border wildflower turf which contains native and non-native varieties for extra colour and Shade wildflower turf for those difficult shady areas.  Anyone who has ever tried to grow a wildflower area from seed will certainly know how difficult it is and there is and 80% chance you would have failed, however with Wildflower turf the failure rate is virtually zero providing it is watered in for the first couple of weeks after it is laid.

The contrast between a beautifully manicured lawn and an area of wildflower turf is stunning no matter how big or small the wildflower meadow is.

Wildflower Turf is available from


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