Is it February already? Where did January go, feels like it was only Christmas a few days ago and now its the first day of February? Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again.

The time of year where it is still frosty outside, snowdrops and daffodils start to flower, Spring is very nearly here so no time to lose, here are our top tips for February!

  • Tackle moss problems as they may be lurking (unless you had our Winter Moss treatment then you should be safe)
  • Avoid walking on your lawns especially on those cold frosty mornings doing so will leave footprints on your lawn but once the grass has thawed you’re able to walk on the grass.
  • With spring coming up you’ll want to get your mower ready, so now will be the best time to get those blades sharpened. We do have a blog post about preparing your mower so just click the link below.
  • Remove debris and leaves- This will suffocate and weaken your grass by blocking the sunlight and limiting circulation.
  • Read up on lawn care to help yourself prepare for the spring and summer.

All of this should help you! Unless we have freak weather then who knows what could happen.

Is your lawn mower ready for spring?

If you would like more information feel free to call us on 01722 744300. Or click here to see our other blog posts

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