We are back! We hope you all had an amazing holiday break but now we are back to work! Today we will be talking about the issues with Frost and our Lawns as it is getting colder and that will mean eventually there will be frost on our beloved lawns *gasp*.
BUT DON’T WORRY! We are here to help with your Frost issues.
Do everything we say and your Grass will be safe but don’t and you could get some interesting looking patterns on your lawn and not the good kind.

Frost won’t do any real damage to your lawn, but certain things you would do normally will cause some harm to it. Below we have some handy tips to ensure that your lawn stays in top form:

  • Believe it or not, frost can actually be quite helpful to your lawn, as it can help to produce a stronger root structure as the cells in the grass will adapt. In general, the grass is very hardy and in most circumstances is not damaged by frost.
  • Try to avoid walking on the frozen lawn. Frost literally freezes the grass so it becomes rigid and if walked on the leaf cells rupture damaging the blades of grass. This leaves footprints across your lawn which will be noticeable when it thaws out.
  • Unlikely any of you would be doing this next one out in the cold but NO MOWING when the grass is frozen!
  • Do not apply any lawn treatments. All treatments such as fertiliser and weed killer should not be applied when there is frost on the lawn.
  • As spring arrives it is a good idea to check for frost heave which is caused by the ground expanding when the water in the soil freezes. Sometimes a light roll in the spring is all that is required, or in most cases, the ground will settle back naturally.

Follow these tips and your lawn will be safe in the cold months.

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