2017 has been the hottest Spring since 1976 and lawns are turning brown.  Here are our golden rules for successfully watering your lawn.

  • Night time or early morning – Apply water to your lawn when it is cooler to avoid evaporation and scorching from the sun.
  • Use the jam jar trick – Most people underestimate how much watering you actually need to do to soak the ground sufficiently.  The little and often approach does not work, saturation is best, which could mean many hours of watering.  The best way to gauge if you are putting on the correct amount of water is to place a jam jar under the sprinkler and continue watering until there is an inch of water in the jar. This should be done two or three times per week when conditions are very dry.
  • Good quality sprinkler – Use a good quality sprinkler which should help to reduce how much you need to move it around the lawn, impact sprinklers are best if you have good water pressure.
  • Water restrictions – If there is a hosepipe ban or water restrictions do not water.  Raise the height of the mower which will cause less stress to the grass.
  • Don’t worry – If your lawn has turned brown and you are unable to water your lawn there is no need to panic, when rain finally arrives your lawn should recover without too much trouble but if there are still bare patches by the time autumn arrives renovation can be carried out by scarifying, aerating and over-seeding.

If you have any queries regarding drought stressed lawn please contact the Lawntech team on 01722 744300 or customerservices@lawn-tech.co.uk


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