We have all been there, worked hard on our garden all day, take a look around proud of our work. We start to walk back towards the house, take a quick look down at our patio and within the cracks, it’s there, you see it, the weeds are taking over. You know this is going to be no easy task. So what are the best ways to get those weeds out the patio? We’re here to help!

Chemical Treatments – There’s good and bad news

There are various different products that can be used to remove weeds from your patio, a lot of which can be picked up from your local garden centre. Now the bad news, due to EU legislation the top end products that are most effective can only be used by train professionals. So you would need a license to kill (a weed that is).

When using herbicide select a systemic total product which kills the roots as well as the leaf. Ideally, choose a product which has residual properties which will control re-growth for many months. Ensure when you are applying your chemicals that you only do when the weeds are actively growing.  All lawn care companies are very much cost effective with the best solution for any weed issues.

Non-chemical treatment – Ready your weapons

If you are looking into more DIY then by hand is your best option, ensure you are pulling the roots out as well as leaving those in will the weed a chance to grow back. We understand it can be exceedingly difficult getting to the roots of weeds if they are in between the patio cracks, there are gardening tools made specifically for getting to the root of the weed which will ease the job

This is my favourite, you can get yourself a flame gun made for weeds!. These are especially good on hard surfaces, as they have a focus point for the heat to rupture the plan cells causing it to die. We suggest two applications, one to cause the plan to discolour and a second a week later to burn the dead leaves.

Worst comes to worst, it will be a good idea to get a local lawn care expert to have a look at what the best course of action will be.

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