The reason we started Lawntech back in 2005 was because we were growing our own cultivated turf, supplying Landscapers and home owners with  beautifully manicured instant lawns, but we soon realised that, for many people it was proving difficult to keep the newly laid turf in the condition it arrived and before long the lawn certainly didn’t look very new anymore.  Turf growers are experts at keeping 1000’s of acres of turf in perfect condition before it is sent out to its final resting place, so with Lawntech we take everything we leaned from 20 years of Growing turf and bring it to the domestic garden with our annual lawn care programme.

Here are our top tips for caring for a newly turfed lawn
  • Apply a low nitrogen fertiliser at 30 gms per square metre prior to laying the new turf
  • Lay the turf as soon as it arrives so that it doesn’t quickly deteriorate being rolled up.
  • Ensure the soil is smooth and lay the new turf standing on boards.
  • Water the turf as soon as it is laid and continue watering to ensure the turf doesn’t dry out and shrink before it is well rooted.
  • Carry out first mow on a high setting once the turf is rooted.
  • Carry out an annual lawn care programme of nutrient, weed control and moss control starting 8 weeks after the turf arrives.
  • Carry out aeration annually
  • Scarify about once every 3 years or when the lawn is becoming too spongy or thatchy.


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