Annual lawn care such as fertilisation, weed & moss control can make a huge improvement to the condition of your lawn but if incorrect mowing practices are carried out your lawn is still likely to suffer and not look at its best.


We look at hundreds of lawns every week and many people are surprised what a huge difference it makes when we help them set up and adjust their mower correctly and give advice on how often it should be mowed.

Our top mowing tips
  • Mow regularly, at least once per week when grass is growing.
  • Always collect the clippings.
  • Ensure the blade is sharp.  (It is fairly easy to remove the blade and have it sharpened).
  • Mow at a consistent height (See our guide).



If you live in our operating area’s of Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset or Somerset simply contact us at and we will send you our lawn mowing height guide.

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