Ever since we started Lawntech back in 2005 we have always promoted and practised sustainable lawn care.  Having been in the turf business for over 30 years, growing our own turf in Wiltshire with our sister company Hewlett Turf & Landscapes, we were already were well aware that the best healthy turf is grown and maintained using a very careful blend of nutrient and as little pesticide input as possible.  In a nutshell you should only ever give the grass plant what it actually needs to maintain steady healthy growth, rather than the high nitrogen/fast green-up approach which is carried out by far too many lawn care companies, the result being an unsustainable environment causing excessive thatch, soft growth, Red Thread issues and a stressed shallow root system.

Pesticides to control Leather Jackets & Chafer Grubs have been banned in the last two or three years, which although might initially seem like an inconvenience to our customers when the dreaded out-break of grubs attack the lawn, we believe that this is a very positive step for the environment and general health of our lawns, already we are seeing lots of Starlings pulling out Leather Jackets from our customers lawns which we wouldn’t have seen before if the lawn had been treated with pesticide.  Once the grubs have been eaten by natural predators aeration and over-seeding can be done to bring the lawn back to good health.

Lawntech, along with the UK Lawn Care Association are members of the Amenity Forum which is the UK voluntary initiative promoting best practice in all aspects of weed, pest and disease management in the sector.  The Amenity Forum has developed a campaign called Get Moving, creating The Collins Family to spread the word about sustainability in the Amenity sector.

See what the Collins family say about sustainable lawn care.


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