It’s Star Wars Day! And what a better day to learn about your top lawn care tips for May.

April was a whirlwind of weather, we had a lovely bank holiday weekend where temperates reached a record high but then we got hit by storms and the cold. The big downfall so far is we are still not getting enough rain! (For a country that has always connoted rain you would think we would never need it, but our lawns could definitely use it).

As the temperature warms up, keep these in mind to help keep your lawn in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure you apply your Fertiliser to provide your lawn with much-needed nutrients.
  • Remove those pesky weeds with a Herbicide treatment. Before treating ensure the weeds have grown so you are able to combat the majority but be ready to spot treat.
  • If needs be there is still time to Aerate your lawn, this can be done mechanically by a professional company or use a garden fork to place holes in the soil but this can be very time-consuming.
  • A simple Top Dress on your lawn will help with levelling, repairing worn & patchy areas.
  • Lawn Repairs, if your lawn has any bare patches it will be best to dig those up and replace with a new layer of turf.
  • Keep Mowing your lawn, keep in mind you want to be cutting your lawn at a height between 20mm-40mm.
  • Watering your lawn during periods will assist in growth, especially if this dry spell keeps going.
If we look at the weather report in May, it does seem we won’t be expecting much rain but we can hope we get more rain than predicted.
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