Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a robotic lawn mower…

The way we approach mowing has not really changed much for decades…until now that is. When we buy a mower it is usually just a question of; do I need a rotary or a cylinder mower? Shall I buy a petrol or electric mower? Do I need a ride-on?  This has been the same for generations but slowly over the past 10 years or so there has been a real revolution taking place and it doesn’t involve needing to stand behind a conventional mower.

Tech savvy entrepreneurs and engineers in the fast-growing consumer robotics market are selling robotic mowers at an increasing rate – so the Robotic mower has arrived and is definitely here to stay!  Robotic mowers have been around for a while and have largely gone unnoticed – in fact industry leader, Robomow, launched their first robotic mower back in 1995. It’s fair to say that so far growth in this market has been slow up to now, but things are most definitely changing with the robotic mower capturing gardeners’ attention and are now serious contenders in the lawn mower market.

There are good reasons for the increasing market growth in robotic mowers. The latest range of Robomow are built to an extremely high standard, do an amazing job at mowing both small and large lawns – even up to 3500 square meters which in old money is almost an acre! The latest range of Robomow come with exceptional lithium battery power have single or twin stainless steel blades, are the only Robotic mower on the market that can mow right up to the edge of flower beds and are extremely easy to set up and use. Keeping up with the trend for controlling everything from your mobile, the latest addition of an app which you install onto your phone enables you to change settings easily.

Because Robomow mows almost every day there are never any grass clippings to worry about. The grass never gets long therefore the ultra-fine clippings that fall back into the sward are invisible to the eye and put nutrient back into the lawn making it healthier. Any green keeper or turf professional will tell you that the key to a healthy lawn sward is regular mowing and this is why Robomow is so good at keeping the lawn in great condition.

In addition, there is no need to be concerned about the safety of children or pets either – dogs, cats and kids are safe around the Robomow. Just a small amount of pressure on the body of the Robomow immediately makes it turn while the blades shut off automatically. A reviewer in the US made the comment “Dogs bark at it for about an hour before they give up – cats just hide.”

Robomow Robot Mower

Robomow has authorised installers throughout the entire UK but anyone with basic DIY skills should have no trouble installing the mower themselves. Each mower comes with a step by step manual for installation plus there are lots of instruction videos on the Robomow website

You do not need to be a qualified electrician to install Robomow as it comes with a standard 3-pin plug. All the external guide wires which are easily fitted around the perimeter of the lawn are low-voltage which makes it very DIY friendly.

It’s also worth noting that as it runs on an electric motor it’s amazingly quiet – how great to be able to mow your lawn at night without any effort and not disturbing your neighbours. You’ll be able to tell fellow gardeners with a completely straight face ‘I can mow the lawn in my sleep’.

More than anything else, the big benefit of choosing Robomow over a conventional mower is the huge cost savings. Robomow is not expensive in comparison with other mowers and once installed there are no labour costs and very little maintenance – just imagine the time you can save when you would have been mowing the lawn!

So if the Robomow has the techie in you tingling, go to where you can find the very latest in robotic mowers

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