Scarifying your lawn can seem rather brutal but the long term results are worth it.

In our opinion, if you are going to scarify then do it properly or not at all.  Most UK lawns build up thatch over time and when they become spongy and hard to mow it is time to scarify.

When Lawntech carry out scarification we like to remove as much thatch as possible which can make the lawn look very unsightly for a while, but we say it is worth taking some pain to enjoy the gain.

The image below shows a lawn that we have just finished scarifying.  You can see that in some places we have gone down to bare earth to remove the unwanted thatch.  Our customer was horrified but we explained that by doing it this way we can now aerate and apply over-seed which will help the lawn to recover so it will be better than ever.


Timing is crucial for success and the only time of year we would do this is Mid-August through to Mid October whilst the soil is warm and autumn moisture will assist recovery and seed germination.

Much to our customers surprise and relief, here is an image taken of the same lawn by our technician exactly 1 month later.  Well on the road to recovery with new fresh growth which will now create a green healthy sward ready for the first, non-spongy, mow next spring.

1 month later



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