The sun is shining and what a great time to have a team meeting, sunglasses recommended.

At Lawntech we aim to have a team meeting after every treatment period which is typically between 2-3 months. With our managing director Jim Hewlett leading the meeting we went over topics from health and safety to what products will be best used during our summer T3 treatments whilst ensuring the customer is more than satisfied. Meetings like these are a great opportunity for the office staff and technicians to hear about any feedback we get from customers and discuss any issues we need to work on (especially since we have recently implemented new software which we are all getting to grips with).

You can expect this is a great opportunity to think of new ideas that we can possibly implement at any point within the company, all ideas are always welcome and everyone can expect to be supported by their fellow colleagues, but it isn’t all completely serious and you can expect the usual workplace chit chat about anything but it seemed like everyone was ready to gossip about the recent Love Island episode (yes you read that right). An idea that was implemented from a previous team meeting was to create personal videos for our customers, providing them with key information regarding their lawn which has proven to be a huge success and plans are now in place to increase the number of videos sent out from personal videos to more general awareness videos so be sure to keep an eye out!

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