I came, I mowed, I kicked grass…

For some mowing the lawn is real pleasure, a chance to switch off, potter around the garden and sometimes escape the other half. For others it can be a battle of wills between them and a mower with an attitude worse than a teenager. But no matter how you may feel about it, if you have a lawn nature guarantees it will grow and will therefore need mowing – as sure as death and taxes!

The hard truth is that mowing is the most important factor for keeping your lawn in top condition and, the more you mow, the better your lawn will be – it’s that simple. Regular mowing combined with a lawn care programme will eventually give you your ‘perfect lawn’.

The key to getting the best results from your mowing regime is to make sure you have the right mower for the job in hand which as a result makes the job enjoyable and easy. Remember, if you mow once per week (which you should for best results) you could be mowing anywhere between 30-40 times per year, so it goes to say it is important to have the right tool for the job.

There are many different types of mower on the market and the right one for you will depend on your individual requirements. The type of information you should have ready when talking to a mower provider are as follows;

  • What size is my lawn (how many square metres?)
  • What type of lawn do I have, i.e., is it a fine manicured lawn, is it an amenity lawn or is it an informal lawn?
  • Do I collect the clippings or not?
  • What size mower can I manage, i.e. how wide is my access to the lawn, do I have steps or slopes?
  • Do I want a ride on mower or a walk behind pedestrian mower?
  • Should I consider a cylinder mower or a rotary mower?
  • Do I need an electric, petrol or diesel mower?
  • Should I be considering a robotic mower?

Having considered these points and spoken to a reputable dealer, you can now begin to narrow down the list to the type of mower that you really need. It’s no surprise that when considering quality the best mowers are inevitably the most expensive, however they are likely to give you a better cut, be easier to use and will ultimately last a lot longer. Don’t forget 40-50 mowing’s per year means you could be spending a lot of time with your new mower so choose wisely.

With over 30 years experience, the experts at Lawntech have helped us put together a mower guide for you make an informed choice:

  • Small electric rotary – These are fine if you have a tiny lawn but they do tend to be poor quality and don’t tend to mow to a good finish. Some small electric cylinder mowers are a better bet.
  • Hover Mower – Forget it unless you have a bank to mow – these really aren’t any good for lawns.
  • Petrol Rotary – You get what you pay for! Good quality petrol rotary mowers such as Honda or Hayter tend to be an ideal all-rounder for most lawns. Look for the models which are self-propelled with a roller drive as they tend to be better than the 4 wheel variety. With these models you will get lovely stripes and can over-hang the edges of flower beds without scalping.
  • Cylinder Mower – These are perfect for fine manicured lawns where you want the best possible finish. Overall Cylinder mowers are the best but be aware that they don’t cope well with long grass, wet conditions or uneven ground. In addition, regular adjustments must be carried out to keep the cylinder cutting true. These mowers are not cheap but it pays to buy a good one – if you can afford to invest in one of these it should last you a very long time.
  • Ride-on mower – Let’s be honest, given the choice every man wants a ride on mower! Ideal for large lawns where smaller mowers are not an option; quality is key when choosing the right one for your lawn. For good quality lawns you will need a ride mower which collects the clippings or even a triple cylinder mower similar to those used on sports grounds (you will also need deep pockets). For rough cut areas such as informal lawns, amenity areas and paddocks a non-collecting ride on mower is ideal.
  • Compact tractor mounted mowers – Large lawns or estates can benefit from choosing a compact tractor with a 3 point linkage – these are particularly handy as the tractor can be used for many other tasks besides. There are a wide range of commercial mowers to choose from which can be attached to a compact tractor.
  • Robomow – These used to be a bit of a joke, but robotic mowers are here to stay and for good reason. The latest range of Robomow are built to an extremely high standard and do an amazing job at mowing both small and large lawns – even up to 3500 square meters which in old money is almost an acre! Because they are programmed to mow almost every day, the grass remains at a constant height and stays in amazing condition. Over time the cost savings gained from a Robomow can be huge. Perfect for those who dislike mowing, have no time to mow or for those who simply struggle to mow, so don’t discount our little robotic friends.

So no matter the size, shape or condition of your lawn give it the care it deserves by mowing on a regular basis with the mower best suited for your lawn. Take your time to do your research and as with most things invest in the best equipment you can afford. If the idea of a Robomow has the techie in you tingling, go to www.thelawnstore.co.uk where you can find the very latest in robotic mowers or enter for free into Lawntech’s competition to win a state of the art Robomow in time for the first mow of the New Year. (link to competition here)

Happy mowing – and remember if you wake up with a hangover and your neighbour is mowing the lawn – stay put and let him go around you…

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