The sprinklers in Melbourne are aussielating…

Buying the wrong sprinkler or irrigation system will make watering your lawn really difficult, time consuming and could prove to be a waste of money – the last thing we need in a busy world. However deciding on the correct sprinkler or irrigation system for your lawn isn’t as difficult as it may seem and done correctly can often make the difference between success and failure when it comes to watering your lovely lawn.

As it’s impossible to guarantee how much rain your lawn is likely to get regardless of the season (just ask the Met Office – what hurricane?…) we thought we’d help a little. Our sponsors Lawntech treat thousands of lawns and see many different systems, so being the helpful souls that they are, we thought we would break it down for you in a simple guide to watering your lawn.

For small lawns, lawns which require infrequent watering and those who are lucky enough to have lots of water pressure it should be possible to purchase a good quality sprinkler which will do the job. You can find a good one at,

Large lawn areas which are prone to drying out quickly or for properties with low water pressure, we would always recommend investing in an automatic irrigation system. This is because sprinklers are likely to be inadequate and it is important to make sure the system is designed to cope with your individual requirements.

Irrigation with a lawn sprinkler

Watering Check list

  • How big my lawn is (how many square metres) and how many sprinklers might I need to cover it?
  • Will sprinklers be adequate for my lawn or should I invest in an automatic irrigation system?
  • If using sprinklers do I have an outside tap and if so do I have adequate water pressure and flow rate.
  • Can I run more than one sprinkler from my tap?
  • How many metres of hosepipe will I need and what type of couplings for the tap end and the sprinkler end?
  • Should I install an automatic battery timer for my sprinkler?
  • Who do I contact to get quotes for an irrigation system?
  • Do I need an ‘up & over’ sprinkler or an impact sprinkler?

Obviously the answers to these questions will depend on your individual circumstances, but this is a good starting point before you go ahead and spend your hard earned cash. Whilst a single sprinkler is a reasonably easy choice, the following links will take you to irrigation specialists which we would highly recommend: (irrigation system supplies) (irrigation installation) email (drainage and irrigation installation)

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