Introduction – Video Transcript

JIM: My name is Jim Hewlett, I’ve been in the turf business for almost 30 years.


JIM:  When I started Lawntech back in 2006, I had a clear vision of what lawn care in the UK really should be.


JIM: When you first make contact with Lawntech a qualified senior technician will be sent to carry out a free detailed analysis of your lawn, which will determine the treatments required.

JIM: All of these details are then uploaded onto our computer system so we can create a bespoke programme for your lawn.


JIM: Our technicians all come from a turf care, or green keeping background, and are passionate about bringing the personal touch to your lawn. Here at Lawntech we don’t just look after lawns. We’re also able to look after sports grounds, such as cricket squares, tennis courts and football pitches. I am really proud, that Lawntech has become one of the leading independent lawn care companies in the UK. We call it bringing a little bit of green keeping to the garden.

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