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Lawn Disease

Mother nature is a powerful force and we have to work with her when caring for our lawns. Sometimes this can be a challenge and comes in the form of critters such as or airborne diseases which attack our gorgeous grass plants such as Red Thread of Fusarium. Pesticides used in lawn care are now largely a thing of the past so we have to learn to live with what mother nature gives us and find the most effective way of controlling it. See more articles in our blog section.

Diagnosing & Treating Lawn Disease

Lawn Disease occurs when the lawn sward or root structure becomes affected by fungus pathogens which cause deterioration to the grass plant. There are many types of lawn disease but the most common in UK lawns are Red Thread, Fusarium, Snow Mould, Fairy Rings and Dry Patch.

Crown Rust

Crown Rust (or PUCCINIA CORONATA) is a fungal disease which was first discovered quite recently, in 1992. Originally found in North America, it has now spread to the UK and Europe.

Controlling Lawn Fungi

Mushrooms and Toadstools appearing in lawns are fairly common. They are not harmful to the lawn but, for many people who strive to have an attractive lawn, they are an unwanted guest.

Snow Mould

Seasonal Problems: Recovering from Snow Mould – A legacy of the long cold winter

Red Thread

Red Thread is the most common lawn fungal disease in the UK and at some point it is highly likely that your lawn will suffer from it at some degree, even though it might not be enough for you to notice.

Fusarium Patch

Fusarium, or Fusarium Patch, is a Mycelium Fungus which is often described as the bane of Greenkeepers.

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