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Controlling Lawn Fungi

Various sized mushrooms growing

Mushrooms and Toadstools appearing in lawns are fairly common. They are not harmful to the lawn but, for many people who strive to have an attractive lawn, they are an unwanted guest.

Why do Mushrooms and Toadstools appear in lawns?

It is quite common for fungi to appear in lawns if there has been some degree of disturbance of the soil. Often newly turfed or seeded lawns can suffer from this problem for a while because the fungus spores have been triggered during the landscaping process. The fungi tends to settle down after a period of time and should not persist as a long term problem. Some fungi only ‘fruit’ decades apart.

How can I treat or control Mushrooms or Toadstools in my lawn

There are no chemical treatments that will effectively eradicate Mushrooms or Toadstools and realistically they cannot be dug out.

The best method of control is to brush the Toadstools off as and when they appear. This will ensure that they are removed before they have an opportunity to produce their spores (seeds) which, if released, will produce more toadstool growths.

Once removed from an area it is unlikely that they will return too often.

What if I have a persistent Mushroom or Toadstool problem?

If they do re-appear in the same place regularly, this is possibly an indication of an abundance of organic matter, or fungi spores. The most likely cause is the presence of decaying organic matter such as a dead tree stump or tree roots. The only solution to this problem is to dig out the entire area to a depth of approximately 40cm, remove the decaying organic matter and then replace it with fresh soil, followed by seeding or turfing.

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