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Mother nature is a powerful force and we have to work with her when caring for our lawns. Sometimes this can be a challenge and comes in the form of critters such as Chafer Grubs, Leather Jackets, Moles or airborne diseases which attack our gorgeous grass plants such as Red Thread of Fusarium. Pesticides used in lawn care are now largely a thing of the past so we have to learn to live with what mother nature gives us and find the most effective way of controlling it. See more articles in our blog section.

How to get rid of leather jackets

Leather Jackets are a common lawn pest and can cause devastating damage to UK lawns. Incredibly there are over 300 species in the UK alone.

Ants & Ant Hills

Ants are beneficial to your garden. They de-compact and aerate the soil, aid decomposition and also kill pests.

What Can I Do About Chafer Grubs In My Lawn

How can something so small be such a big villain?

Are Worms Good or Bad For My Lawn?

Whilst there’s no denying that for gardeners worms can be as divisive as marmite, before you start to worry about worms in your lawn let’s not overreact and feel like we have to eradicate worms altogether.

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