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Spring Advice

Our top ten tips on how to kick-start your lawn for the spring:

Now that the winter is behind us (hooray!) we are starting to get back out in the garden again and will be thinking about carrying out the first mow of the season. Whilst there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly mown grass in the spring, we should give our lawn and lawn mower a bit of a health check before we get going for another year. The quickest way to dampen your enthusiasm is to start mowing only to have your mower throw a tantrum or tear the lawn to bits. Apart from mowing, you can also give your lawn a bit of a boost by giving it some treatments and a tidy up.


Make sure your mower is serviced and that the blade has been sharpened. The last thing you need is to be mowing with a blunt blade which will stress the grass or have a mower which will break down and cause inconvenience during the season.

Repair bare patches:

As the soil warms up during April and into May repair any bare patches.


Most lawn care professionals don’t recommend heavy scarifying during the spring, but a light de-thatch with a spring tine rake or scarifier is a good idea and will remove moss or dead plant tissue.

Moss Control:

Lawns which didn’t have moss treatment during the winter will benefit from a spring treatment. Avoid treating moss after April as conditions will become too warm. Scarifying may be required to remove large amounts of thatch or moss.

Weed Control:

Weeds need to be actively growing before they are treated with selective herbicide, mid-April onwards is the best time or as part as an annual lawn care programme.

Post winter tidy up:

Rake up twigs and leaves and remove any objects which might damage your lawn mower.


Spring is a great time to carry out aeration using a garden fork or professional aeration machine.

Spring feed:

Apply an early season spring fertiliser or enrol to an annual lawn care programme.

First Mow:

Carry out first mow on a high setting without removing more than a third of the height of the grass at any one time.


Enhance your lawn by edging your flower beds with a half-moon edging tool. Spring is the best time to do this whilst the soil is still soft. Don’t forget to use a string line as a guide on straight lines or a garden hose as a guide for shapes.

Remember that despite popular belief a professional lawn care programme it is often as cheap as doing it yourself, but with the added benefit of the expertise of our qualified professionals doing it for you while you sit back and relax. Companies such as Lawntech or other members of the UK lawn Care network will provide you with an annual lawn care programme including aeration, scarification, weed/moss control plus an array of other specialist treatments and services.

However there’s nothing to stop you doing it yourself, and you can find top quality, value for money supplies at www.thelawnstore.co.uk.

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