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Ah wildlife, nothing is better than when you look out your window and see a deer or another animal walking gracefully across your lawn. That is until they begin to eat at your vegetable patch or have dig a hole in your lawn, where you then have to run out in slippers to scare them off. 

How do I stop Badgers from ruining my lawn?

These bumbly Black & White ninjas have a voracious appetite and can sniff out all the things they love to eat from some distance away.

Dear there’s a Deer in the Garden

A stunning sight once you see a dear in your garden, but keep in mind these animals love to eat and will find a garden is a perfect place to do so

How to deal with Foxes?

A sly fox can cause quite a havoc especially if you are an owner of livestock such as chickens.

Let’s save the Hedgehog

These little critters are more helpful for your lawn than you may think, and being close to extinction we should try to help as many as we can

How To Deal With Moles

Love them or loath them moles can cause a lot of inconvenience – not to mention a huge amount of damage when they turn up uninvited into our gardens. How very un-British to arrive without an invite…

Are Squirrels bad for my Lawn?

Many gardeners despair at the sight of a cheeky squirrel scuttling around their precious gardens, scratching at the lawn and making little holes in the turf.

How do I stop Wild Rabbits?

Whilst rabbits are cute to see, once they get in your garden you will notice bite marks in just about everything edible

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