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How to deal with Moles

A lawn with mole hills dotted all over the place
A mole popping his head out of his hole

Close encounters of the mole kind…

Love them or loath them, moles can cause a lot of inconvenience – not to mention a huge amount of damage when they turn up uninvited in our gardens. How very un-British to arrive without an invite…

Moles are cute, velvety, blind little creatures who spend their lives almost entirely underground in a network of interconnecting tunnels. In their constant search for food they create shallow tunnels just below the surface of our lawns, in which to capture worms, insects, and other invertebrates.

By far the greatest damage from moles results from their burrowing, which creates unsightly ridges and depressions in the lawn. Mole hills – where the tunnel spoil is brought to the surface – are also unsightly and need to be cleared away as soon as possible after they appear and certainly before we mow.

There are various ways of carrying out mole control. Many of the probes and high-pitched sound deterrents available on the DIY market rarely seem to be effective and we don’t recommend trying to poison or gas the moles as it can be dangerous (both for the moles AND ourselves!) and bad for the environment. In addition, gassing a mole for gate crashing your lawn does seem a bit harsh…

Trapping moles tends to be the preferred method for most people and it is the most dependable, humane and environmentally friendly method. Mole traps can be purchased from most country stores and are fairly easy to use, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s going to be easy. Successfully catching a mole will demand a combination of skill, judgement, guile and pure luck, because they are far more clever and cunning than you might imagine. Moles have an incredible sense of smell and are very good at detecting the presence of a trap. Whilst it may be frustrating to find the moles have found ingenious ways to thwart your best efforts to catch them, you have to hand it to them – albeit very grudgingly.

So if you have lost the battle of man against mole, it’s best to call in the experts at www.britishmolecatchers.co.uk who will have an expert in your geographical area.

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