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Winter Advice

With winter feeling like our longest season, it is tempting to think of this as a period when there is no growth happening in any part of our gardens.

Certainly, it is a time for much of nature to lie dormant, effectively hibernating and preserving its energy through these cold, dark months. The grass is no different, turning brown as it works to maximise the stores of water and nutrients it is holding onto.


Let’s start with the lawn itself. Here in the UK, there is a strong chance your lawn will be frosted over at some stage. Try not to walk on the lawn, as doing so while it is frozen will damage the grass’ blades and will leave footprints once the lawn has thawed out. The lawn will bounce back, but it can take months and there is a real chance it will not be restored to its former glory. For more information follow see our more in-depth page on Will Frost Damage my Lawn?

Mower Maintenance

Winter is the perfect time of year to check on your mower and take care of any outstanding maintenance jobs. Mowers usually respond well to a little TLC; Having their blades sharpened and balanced, and a liberal squirt of WD40 can make all the difference when you come to fire it back up again in time for the spring.

There is very little to worry about when you see a thick white blanket of snow on your lawn. Although it is not a common occurrence in the south of England, we should still be aware of a fungal disease called Snow Mould. For more information see our more in-depth page on Will snow damage my lawn?


Our UK lawns do not require watering during winter so when the rainfall is heavy, waterlogging can be a real issue. Keep an eye on how much rainwater is coming down, and if there is an area that becomes waterlogged.

Returning Moss

Be ready with a winter moss treatment, as now is the perfect time of year for this invasive menace to creep back. You can also remove the moss by raking, but this is very labour-intensive and we find it less effective too.

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