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Annual lawn care programme

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Lawntech can tailor an annual lawn treatment programme to suit individual customers’ needs. The treatment programme required by your lawn may vary depending on the type of lawn and its condition.

A sustainable green & healthy future…

Lawntech believes the secret to a healthy lawn is carrying out our annual lawn care programme and working with our clients to form a relationship where we can help you get the best from your lawn

Our annual lawn care programme is a combination of weed control, moss control and nutrient treatments usually consisting of 7 applications over 5 visits at the correct time of year to give the lawn a balance to keep it looking green and healthy. Lawntech offer a free quotation and analysis or any type of lawn with the cost of treating the smallest lawns starting at £12.00 inc vat per month.

We often recommend additional mechanical treatments in addition to our annual lawn care programme. It is often underestimated how much aeration, scarification and correct mowing procedures can improve your lawn. We believe we are unrivalled when it comes to having the most comprehensive range of specialist equipment and expertise to carry out these vital procedures.

Our environmental pledge

  1. We do not use high nitrogen fertilisers.
  2. We do not use Pesticides as part of our regular annual lawn care programme.
  3. Many of our lawn fertilisers are Semi Organic or Fully Organic.
  4. We only spot treat weeds where possible to reduce the amount of herbicides used.
  5. We specialise in mechanical treatments to improve your lawn.
Nutrient Lawn Care Program

Nutrient programme

Most lawns require a balanced nutrient programme to ensure a green healthy sward. As part of our annual lawn care programme we provide a balanced and sustainable nutrient diet for your lawn.
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Weed Control Machinery

Weed control

Our damp fertile environment in the UK often creates the perfect conditions for new weed seeds to germinate. If left to Mother Nature, lawns can be overcome by weed infestation.
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Moss Control for Lawns

Moss control

Moss is a common factor in most English lawns. Even the best lawns usually need some form of moss control particularly in the shaded parts of the garden.
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A typical example of an annual treatment programme

1. Early Spring

(March – April)

  • Spring nutrient application
  • Early weed control
  • Treat with moss killer
  • Spring Aeration / Spring Scarification (if recommended)

Early Summer

(May – June)

  • Controlled release Summer nutrient application
  • Weed control


(July – August)

  • Drought safe Summer nutrient application
  • Follow up free weed control



(September – December)

  • Non-nitrogen root development nutrient
  • Follow-up free weed control
  • Autumn Scarification and Aeration (if recommended)
  • Over-seeding (if recommended)


(January – February)

  • Winter moss control


Additional lawn care services

Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


Greatly improves the soil and root structure by relieving compaction, root pruning, penetration of sub-surface thatch allowing vital nutrients and water into the soil as well as assisting vital bacterial activity.
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Removes harmful excess thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings & moss that can accumulate over many years.
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Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


It is essential to occasionally regenerate your lawn by over-seeding, especially if Aeration or Scarification has taken place, which will have created soil contact and a favourable environment for the new seed to develop successfully.
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Sand & Loam Top Dressing

Top Dressing

This process is carried out using a mixture of fine sand and loam where a lawn has required heavy renovation and over-seeding or where a particularly even surface is required for applications such as a sports pitch or ornamental lawn.
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Video Transcript

JIM: Today I’m here to look at a typical English country lawn. This is the type of lawn that can actually really be improved with one of our annual lawn care treatment programmes.


JIM: The good news about this lawn is that hiding between all of this weed is that there’s actually quite a lot of grass. So what we’re going to try to do with our annual lawn care programme is to gradually kill off these weeds, reduce the moss and encourage this grass to thicken up and become a really attractive lawn.

When you first make contact with Lawntech a qualified senior technician will be sent to carry out a free detailed analysis of your lawn so that we can tailor an annual treatment programme to suit your individual needs. All of these details are then uploaded onto our computer system so we can create a bespoke programme for your lawn.

Our experience shows that a lawn care programme must be sustainable for the long term success of the lawn. Therefore it is important to apply the correct, professional products at the right time of year. At Lawntech we have designed our 5 times per year programme which allows us to carry out the appropriate treatments throughout the year. Every time our technician carries out a treatment we update the current condition into our computerised system so we are able to offer timely advice and further recommendations as required.

Everyone who works for Lawntech is extremely passionate about lawns. I am really proud that Lawntech has become one of the leading independent lawn care companies in the UK. We call it bringing a little bit of green keeping to the garden.

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