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Lawn repair & renovation

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Why our lawn renovation treatments will make all the difference…

Lawntech know the secret to a healthy lawn is working with the soil and grass sward to create a healthy environment so your lawn can look at its best.

It is often underestimated how much mechanical treatments such as aeration, scarification, over-seeding procedures will improve your lawn and should be taken into consideration as part of your annual lawn care programme.

We believe we are unrivalled when it comes to having the most comprehensive range of specialist equipment and expertise to carry out these vital procedures.

Most lawn renovations include scarifying, aeration, over-seeding and top dressing are are best carried out between mid-August and early October, with lighter renovations carried out during the spring.

Our lawn renovation pledge

  1. We only recommend renovations if they are necessary.
  2. We only carry out renovation treatments at the correct time of year.
  3. Our equipment is golf course standard.
  4. We only use top quality STRI rated grass seed cultivars.
  5. Our technicians carry out follow-up visits to check on recovery progress

Typical methods used for lawn renovation

Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


Greatly improves the soil and root structure by relieving compaction, root pruning, penetration of sub-surface thatch allowing vital nutrients and water into the soil as well as assisting vital bacterial activity.
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Scarification Before and After


Removes harmful excess thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings & moss that can accumulate over many years.
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Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


It is essential to occasionally regenerate your lawn by over-seeding, especially if Aeration or Scarification has taken place, which will have created soil contact and a favourable environment for the new seed to develop successfully.
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Sand And Loam Top Dressing

Top Dressing

This process is carried out using a mixture of fine sand and loam where a lawn has required heavy renovation and over-seeding or where a particularly even surface is required for applications such as a sports pitch or ornamental lawn.
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Video Transcript

CHRIS: This lawn belongs to an established Lawntech customer who we’ve been servicing for about 8 years now. Today what we’ve been doing is giving this one a full renovation.


JIM: Eventually all lawns require some form of renovation to keep them looking vibrant and healthy. Scarification aggressively removes excessive thatch from the lawn prior to aeration which creates thousands of holes that help displace sub surface thatch and relieves compaction. Over seeding regenerates the sward by creating fresh new growth followed by sand and loam top dressing which evens out any imperfections and assists over seed germination.

CHRIS: With a lawn that’s received this kind of renovation which is quite severe, albeit it looks really really bad now you really will start to reap the benefits going into the late springtime so you are talking April/May time when you’re really going to start seeing the benefits of this.

JIM: I am really proud that Lawntech has become one of the leading independent lawn care companies in the UK. We call it bringing a little bit of green keeping to the garden.

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