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Organic Lawn Care Programme

Go Organic with our 100% natural lawn care programme

There is a growing demand for organic lawn care in the UK and we can provide a 100% organic solution with our tried and tested Organic lawn care programme to keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the year without using any chemicals or synthetic fertilisers.

Organic lawn care can be a great solution for your lawn and is especially effective on lawns suffering from poor soil conditions, or simply because you have taken a personal decision to care for your lawn in an environmentally friendly way as possible.

How does a Organic lawn care programme work?

An organic lawn care programme is very similar to our standard annual lawn care programme, but we use 100% organic fertilisers and organic moss control products.   The only thing that cannot be done organically in a lawn care programme is to kill the weeds in your lawn. So how do we deal with those unwanted weeds? The simple answer is we ask you to dig them out by hand and then once we start the programme the lawn grasses will thicken up and help to prevent weeds from establishing or becoming dominant in the future. This could be further improved with mechanical treatments via the renovation process of scarification, aeration and over-seeding to ensure the lawn has plenty of young fresh grass which will produce a thick healthy sward. If weeds are a big problem, when deciding to go organic, some people decide to allow us to carry out a one-off non-organic selective herbicide treatment initially to get the weeds under control and then they are much easier to manage by digging them out as they appear in the future.


  • All products are 100% organic from natural resources. We use refined Turkey manure and other naturally sourced products for slow release fertiliser and a natural thatch-busting digester for moss control.
  • Organic products have no negative affect on the environment.
  • 100% pet and human friendly immediately after use.
  • Excellent at improving soil quality over time, helping the CEC (cation exchange capacity) of the soil.
  • Zero scorch potential.


  • An organic lawn care programme costs roughly twice as much as a standard programme because the products are more expensive and need to be applied at a significantly higher volume per application.
  • Results are likely to be slower and the lawn will not green-up as fast, but over time the lawn will significantly improve.
  • Weeds need to be dug out by hand as there are currently no organic selective weed control products available.

A typical example of an Organic annual Lawn Care programme

1. Early Spring

(March – April)

  • Slow release Organic Spring fertiliser using refined Turkey manure
  • Moss control using thatch busting bacteria digester

Early Summer

(May – June)

  • Slow release Organic Summer fertiliser using refined Turkey manure

Late Summer

(July – August)

  • Slow release Organic Summer fertiliser using refined Turkey manure



(September – December)

  • Zero PK Organic high potassium fertiliser
  • Moss control using thatch busting bacteria digester


(January – February)

  • Slow release Organic winter fertiliser using refined Turkey manure


Mechanical services to assist Organic Lawn Care

No matter what type of annual lawn care programme you choose you lawn will also greatly benefit from mechanical forms of treatment to help the grass sward thrive. Yearly aeration is recommended for all lawns and for those lawns that have become a bit tired we recommend our Autumn Renovation Combo package of Scarification, Aeration and Over-seeding.

We also provide an increasingly popular lawn top-dressing service using 100% Organic soil improver. The top dressing is a formulation of compost derived from well-rotted and finely processed garden compost. Not only does it feed the lawn and iron out minor imperfections it also puts much needed organic matter back into the soil which in-turn produces a healthy balance of bacteria in the soil which assists root development.

Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


Greatly improves the soil and root structure by relieving compaction, root pruning, penetration of sub-surface thatch allowing vital nutrients and water into the soil as well as assisting vital bacterial activity.
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Removes harmful excess thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings & moss that can accumulate over many years.
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Aeration: Hollowtine / Deep Spike


It is essential to occasionally regenerate your lawn by over-seeding, especially if Aeration or Scarification has taken place, which will have created soil contact and a favourable environment for the new seed to develop successfully.
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Sand & Loam Top Dressing

Top Dressing

This process is carried out using a mixture of fine sand and loam where a lawn has required heavy renovation and over-seeding or where a particularly even surface is required for applications such as a sports pitch or ornamental lawn.
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See how efficiently and evenly we spread our Organic Lawn Soil Improver top dressing as part of our lawn renovation programme in this video

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