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Is your lawn like a desert? Destroyed by Leather Jackets? Or is it just worn out and too far gone?
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Mother Nature can wreak havoc on lawns in a variety of dramatic ways. Drought stress, Leather Jacket infestation, Water-logging and disease can sometimes cause devastation that requires a major make-over for your lawn.

Fear not though, all need not be lost. We believe Lawntech is unique in the southern UK, as we offer a full range of solutions to this conundrum.

An alternative to a new lawn

We can demonstrate that for most lawns our SOS Lawn Makeover (shown as the white line in the graph) is a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new lawn that is created using turf or seed.

Where the structure of the lawn is generally good but the quality of the grass itself is poor enough to need renewal, our SOS Lawn Makeover is the perfect solution as it keeps the best features of your lawn rather than discarding them.

There is no need for rotovation of the soil which means less disruption and in most cases the process is completed in one day.

We explain below our six step approach to this makeover.

Treatment costs vs lawn size (m2)

6 Steps to Lawntech’s SOS Lawn Makeover


(Ahead of makeover day)
At least 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled Makeover, we visit to kill off unwanted elements in your existing lawn with the application of a herbicide. This deals with unwanted weeds, moss and weed grasses…


Remove all the debris and thatch arising from the lawn kill, by Scarification. We make several passes across the whole area until all the debris has been removed, right down to soil level…


Next we Aerate the soil. This involves passing a machine with deep penetrating tines (or spikes) back and forth across the soil area. This loosens the earth, relieves compaction and makes thousands of holes in the soil. These allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the ground…


Having made all those holes in your soil, we then take the opportunity to spread Pre-Seed Fertiliser into and around them to give your new seed the best possible start and aid its germination. This fertiliser is specially formulated to give a quick-release boost to the growth of new roots and grass blades…


Direct drilling involves driving the seed below the surface of the soil, greatly enhancing its contact with the earth and guaranteeing germination. This is performed using either a pedestrian-powered machine, or a similar but larger unit which is compact-tractor-mounted, for bigger lawns…


The final piece of the Makeover jigsaw is Top Dressing. Traditionally this would be a Sand and Loam mixture, but now we can offer an Organic, Soil Improving Top Dressing as an alternative. This treatment helps with the germination of the new seed, fills in gaps to give a smooth finish and improves surface drainage…


The scarification process produces a huge amount of thatch, which requires either disposal or composting. We offer a choice of solutions for the disposal of this material, and we never send waste away to landfill.


We specify an aftercare routine for you and recommend a new, seasonally appropriate annual treatment programme to keep your fresh lawn in good condition for the future.


You can always have peace of mind in knowing that if the worst were to happen and your lawn fails to live up to expectations, Lawntech GUARANTEES all its renovation works*. As long as you have followed our watering advice, we will keep coming back and working on a recalcitrant lawn until you are happy with the results.  

*We guarantee our Renovation Works on the proviso that the client has carried out our watering instructions in full.

Compelling reasons to choose Lawntech

  • EXPERIENCE. Over 130 combined years in top-level Greenkeeping and Turf Management.
  • CUSTOMER CARE. Unrivalled in the industry.
  • HIGHLY-QUALIFIED, SKILLED and EXPERIENCED Technicians. We recruit the best in the business.
  • THE BEST EQUIPMENT MONEY CAN BUY. High-end machinery designed for golf course maintenance. The only UK operator to offer this level of equipment.
  • The UK’s leading INDEPENDENT lawncare specialist. Truly TAILOR-MADE, BESPOKE services for every client.
  • RESOURCES. The capacity to handle even the largest of lawns or sports fields.
  • The only ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ in the UK to offer the full range of Seeding, Turf and Refurbishment lawn solutions.
  • Founding members of The UK LAWN CARE ASSOCIATION, Lawntech is held in high esteem throughout the industry. Check out our high ratings and reviews on Google.
  • We GUARANTEE our Renovation work*.

Need a brand new lawn from turf or seed?

Visit our sister company Hewlett turf and Landscapes Ltd. 

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