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Wildflower diversity

Lawntech is proud to produce and maintain thousands of manicured lawns for our clients but we also believe that creating a wildflower garden has huge benefits for the ecosystem as it encourages wildlife such as butterflies, bees, birds and insects into our little piece of England.

Wildflower turf border

Even a small piece of wildflower meadow installed as a border or backdrop to a manicured lawn can be extremely attractive because it provides a stark contrast between the formal and informal.

Lawntech is an approved supplier and installer of wildflower turf. Wildflower turf can create an instant wildflower area in your garden. The failure rate for trying to establish a seeded wild flower area is very high and it can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Therefore, wildflower turf is a great alternative.

Wildflower turf is made up of 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with a minimum of 50% wildflowers. Under-planting of Spring or Autumn bulbs can also extend the flowering season. Once your wildflower area is established, Lawntech also offers a twice-yearly maintenance programme to ensure the wildflower turf stays healthy and productive. Along with our sister company, Hewlett Turf and Landscapes Ltd, we can prepare the soil and create large or small areas of sustainable wild flowers, or alternatively wildflower turf can be purchased directly from thelawnstore.co.uk.

Costs from £15.00 per square meter supplied and installed.

Lawntech Laying Wildflower Turf
Folded and Stacked Wildflower Turf

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