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Lawn nutrient programme

Nutrition rich lawn

Most lawns require a balanced nutrient programme to ensure a green healthy sward. As part of our annual lawn care programme we provide a balanced and sustainable nutrient diet for your lawn.

At Lawntech we are well aware that many factors such as grass type, soil type, weather and the time of the year dictate what type and how much nutrient is correct for your lawn. Anyone can apply a cheap nitrogen product which will quickly green up your lawn and incorrectly create an enormous amount of mowing and unwanted thatch. But this is not sustainable and is most likely to destroy your lawn within a few years. At Lawntech we have always believed that, to create a green and healthy lawn it is essential to apply products which are relatively low in nitrogen and contain nutrients and organisms which work with the soil to unlock the full potential of your lawn.

All Lawntech fertilisers are organic or semi-organic and generally contain no more than half the amount of nitrogen that other lawn care companies may use. We believe this is the way forward and we are constantly working towards a fully organic future. Please ask about our current fully organic lawn care programme. At the moment the only thing we can not do fully organically is selective weed control.

Exclusive to Lawntech, Autumn Gold, is one of our own special blends of Autumn/Winter nutrient which not only provides a deep dark green colour but is designed to unlock undigested organic matter in the soil whilst reducing thatch and soil compaction. This unique product along with our other organically released fertiliser products, iron and seaweed extracts produce a sustainable green and healthy lawn all year round.

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