We’ve all thought about it before and it is time to admit it. We all want that stripy lawn look, the look that makes your lawn stand out from the others. The type of lawn to make your friends (or enemies) jealous.

You are probably asking yourself ‘How do I get that amazing stripy lawn and can I do it myself?’ Well just as well you found this blog because that is exactly what we are going to talk about!

Do I need any special equipment before getting started?

The sad truth is yes you will. A standard lawn mower will just not cut it if a stripy lawn is your goal you will need a mower with a roller on the back of it, and depending on the size of the mower will determine the width of the stripes.

But if you already have a mower and don’t want to fork out on another mower then have I got good information for you. You can buy lawn strip kits, just give it a quick google and pick what suits you best. Also, a grass box will be extremely helpful as it will collect the grass clippings and leave your lawn looking clean.

What if I don’t want stripes?

Not to worry there is nothing stopping you from doing something other than stripes. Your limit is your imagination, well within reason.

Now the mowing

Step 1- Preparation

First things first, we have to check the mower. Fuel up and sharpen the blades to ensure we are cutting the grass blades rather than damaging them.

Step 2- The Clean Up

Clear and pick up any debris from twigs and leaves to toys and garden furniture. We highly recommend this to give yourself a clear run and to avoid damaging the mower.

Step 3- First Go

Now you are ready to mow, first, you need to decide which way you want your stripes to run. When you’re ready, start in the middle and fix your eyes on an object and focus on it to ensure you get a nice straight line. Our ideal cutting height is between 20mm and 40mm as there are several benefits to this such as a healthier root system and reduce the likelihood of disease damage/

Step 4- What Next?

Handle the rest of the lawn, making sure when you cut you stand to one side of the mower a little to reduce the risk of leaving your footprints where you have mowed, we don’t want that on your new stripy lawn.

Step 5- The Final Step

Finish off the last line and get your mower ready for a good clean and make sure you are happy with those lines. You are officially done!

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