More mature readers will remember GRAHAM HILL, the double World Champion F1 driver, who made a quip in 1974 which now applies to us here at Lawntech. On the press launch of his own team, complete with brand new car and well-known cigarette brand sponsor, Mr Hill (who was a household name at the time) remarked “Well if I’m going to be an Ambassador, I’d better have an EMBASSY to work from!”. While we kit our guys out with vans rather than racing cars, we are very pleased to announce that two of our technicians have become BRAND AMBASSADORS for Lawntech.
So what exactly is a Brand Ambassador? Our clients already tell us that they have a strong rapport with their regular technicians, which is one of the cornerstones on which Lawntech’s enviable record for customer service has been built. We believe our technicians are the best in the industry, all of them combining many years’ experience and expertise in groundsmanship or turf management with a professionalism and customer focus which sets them (and us) apart from our competitors. In lawn care as in all walks of life, there are occasions when we are called upon to offer specialised consideration and this is where our Ambassadors come in. They are our roving Emissaries, Special Envoys and Plenipotentiaries, troubleshooting and leading by example.
Apart from all that we thought it was high time we had some Poster Boys, so here they are… In our Northern Territories, Ambassadorial duties will be looked after by JON OOSTENDORP, while RICHARD MORTIMER will fulfil the same role across the south. You can read their profiles on the ‘Team’ page of our website;

Jon Oostendorp - Lawntech Ambassador for the North (of our territory)

Jon Oostendorp – Lawntech Ambassador for the North

Richard Mortimer - Lawntech Ambassador for the South

Richard Mortimer – Lawntech Ambassador for the South











Jon and Richard’s regular clients need not worry though; their new duties won’t distract them from continuing to give your lawns the very best in Tender Loving Care. In fact, you may well be the envy of your neighbourhood. It’s not everyone who has an Ambassador turn up to tend their lawns!

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