Many people ask us if it is worth going the extra mile and expense to carry out a full lawn renovation. We certainly believe it is well worth the extra commitment. The best time to do this is between mid August and Early October.

Scarifying a lawn can seem rather harsh, but the results can be extremely rewarding as well as making the lawn much easier to maintain in the future.

Here is an example of a clients lawn that had become very thatchy and needed our renovation combo of Scarification, aeration and over-seeding. We are pleased to say that when our technician photographed it this week (5th April 2018) it has recovered very well and is looking young and vibrant.

Another happy customer!

Step 1 Scarify

Step 2 Remove thatch

Step 3 Scarify Again (multiple passes required)
Step 4 Power Brush to remove fine debris
Step 5 Hollowtine Aeration
Step 6 Double pass with Aerator if soil is very compacted
Step 7 Apply lawn seed @ 20 grams per square metre
Step 8 Apply Autumn fertiliser @ 40 grams per square metre
Step 9 Wait until the lawn recovers and carry out mow on high setting (photo taken 7 weeks later)
Step 10 Enjoy your newly renovated lawn (Photo taken in April, 5 months after renovation)

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