Licensed to kill (weeds) Mr. Frond…

It’s always a surprise where weeds and moss will grow. Darwin coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’ and whilst he may not have had your garden’s hard surfaces in mind at the time, hard standings such as gravel or block-paved driveways, paths, patios and tennis courts amazing seem to readily produce lots of weeds – especially during the spring and summer as temperatures warm-up.

There are various products available from garden centres which will slow down or temporarily kill weeds on hard surfaces, but as many a frustrated gardener will tell you, the effects are usually short lived. With EU legislation becoming stricter most products used to terminate weeds can only be used by licensed professionals. So in theory, professional lawn care companies have the equivalent of MI6 ‘00’s when it comes to disposing of weeds…

Many lawn care companies offer a cost effective service for treating hard surfaces which will keep weeds at bay for as long as 6 months – and may also treat moss on hard surfaces as well. Hard surface weed killers should always be applied by NPTC qualified for using professional products that you cannot buy over the shelf. In many cases it is easy to get a quote over the telephone providing your property can be measured from a satellite image.

Here are our top tips for hard surface weed control:

  • When using herbicide select a systemic total product which kills the roots as well as the leaf. Ideally choose a product which has residual properties which will control re-growth for many months.
  • Be very cautious when using weed killers, ideally employ the services of a licenced professional, always read the label and use PPE (personal protective equipment). Never rinse out our pour chemicals onto the ground or anywhere it can contaminate a water supply.
  • Only apply when weeds are actively growing.
  • Top-up gravel drives and paths with gravel which will help to prevent weed growth.
  • Apply kiln dried block paving sand to block paved areas and apply a sealant which will prevent weed growth.
  • If you already have a professional lawn care company look after your lawn ask them if they also do weed control on hard surfaces.

Contact Lawntech now for a quote on your hard surface barrier acting weed & moss control

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