These not so little creatures can be a real nuisance once they decide to your garden is the perfect place for food, you can imagine the sort of damage they will leave behind.

Badgers are protected in the UK as their numbers are slowly dwindling. Whilst we do not want to cause any harm to these black and white animals we can certainly come up with ways to keep them off our garden.

You can be certain these guys can sniff everything they love to eat from a distance away, and as they are omnivores there isn’t a lot that is off limits to them. They have a wide range of options from insects, worms, grubs and larvae to fruits and vegetables. They are also known to take small birds and their eggs, but worst they are considered a predator to our friendly hedgehogs.

Whilst badgers are your usual culprits, if you ever wake one morning and find fresh chunks of your lawn thrown around the garden then there is the possibility that badgers were in search of some Chafer Grubs. If chafers have made your lawn their home then the Badgers are the least of your problems. Please see our page dedicated to the menace of Chafer Grubs.

Let’s talk about deterring badgers from your garden

Keep in mind that your targets are cunning creatures so you may have to rotate a selection of deterrents to help stay ahead. So be prepared for some experimentation when it comes to your strategy for outwitting your opponents.

Lion Dung

Yes you read that right, lion dung is a source of deterrent against badgers, whilst originally it is best for cats there are claims of this being used against badgers. Amazingly you can purchase lion dung fairly easily online, typically they arrive in little pellets making it far easier to fling around your garden.

Human Male Urine

This does come to a surprise to a lot of people then we tell them about this. This is very similar to marketing your territory, like many animals badgers are highly territorial so will be put off by a scent which marks out another male’s domain. When creating the mix you want to dilute the urine to a 1:4 ratio, and use either a watering can or spray gun. With this deterrent, you need to repeat every 5-7 weeks. This process requires a steady supply of ‘active ingredient’ so ensure your donor is committed to the cause.

Motion Lights

Motion-sensitive security lights are a very efficient deterrent, just avoid pointing the beams in the directions of your neighbours’ house otherwise badgers won’t be your only problem.

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