As I write this post on the 15th of February it is still cold and frosty outside but as the snowdrops and daffodils start to flower we know that spring is just around the corner which means the first mow of the season could only be a month or so away.

This year will see lots of anxious gardeners eager to carry out the first mow of the season as early as possible because many lawns have already become far too long due the very mild weather we had for most of this winter.

There is nothing worse than pulling your mower out of the shed in anticipation for smell of freshly-mown grass only to find that it won’t start or mow properly because you forgot to get it serviced during the winter. Good maintenance of your mower is key to keeping a lawn in good condition. A blunt blade will do more harm than good and if you miss the first mowing’s of the season because the mower is not working or still being serviced the quality of the lawn will suffer as it becomes too long and hard to mow once you finally get the mower back.

Lawntech have a large list of reputable companies who we recommend for mower servicing (see list below). Most of these companies also sell new lawn mowers, so if your old faithful is ready for the scrap heap maybe it is a good time to find a great deal on a new one.

Robomow Robotic Mower

If the thought of mowing sends shivers through your spine or maybe you just don’t get time to mow regularly our sister company sell the full range of Robomow which can mow lawns from 50 square meters to 3500 square meters. Robotic mowers are a great way of effortlessly keeping your lawn in great condition and we have many Lawntech customers who are now benefiting from Robomow. We also provide a cost effective installation service.

So don’t forget, if your mower has been neglected all winter now is the time to get it in for some lawn mower TLC before the mad spring rush.

Recommended lawn mower servicing shops – C and O Tractors Wilton, Salisbury Garden Machinery, Romwy Garden Machinery, Winchester Garden Machinery, Rochfords of Wincanton.

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