If one thing is for sure in the UK, we never really know what kind of winter we are going to get.

Who could have predicted a winter so warm that we were still able to successfully grow grass seed in mid December? Yes lawn seed sown by Lawntech on the 10th of December 2015 is now 2 inches high! In 29 years of being in the turf industry we have never managed that before.

With temperatures rarely falling below 8 degrees our lawns have simply not stopped growing, which is causing real problems for many with very long grass as it has become far too wet to mow without causing damage to the lawn.

We have been very lucky in the south of England so far this winter not to have experienced the terrible flooding endured by many in the north of the country but even so, with recent persistent rain our lawns are becoming very saturated or waterlogged.

Dark damp conditions are also perfect for moss to become rampant and we have noticed that many lawns which had little or no moss at all during the autumn a few months ago now have a significant covering.

Our advice when conditions become very wet at this time of the year is to stay off of the lawn as much as possible until conditions improve. There is much more advice on our waterlogging page of this website.

When conditions allow it is advisable to treat moss with Iron Sulphate which will prevent the moss from getting worse, sometimes more than one treatment is required and it is okay to do it when conditions are damp, but not when waterlogged. Visit the Moss page of this site or contact us for a free quotation on moss treatments.

As we go through the winter and ground conditions become dry enough it will be important to mow the grass on a high setting before it becomes a jungle and when spring finally arrives we will then be able to make repairs to damage caused by long grass, water logging and moss.

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