Lawn Care is fast becoming a “must have” service for many home owners who like to enjoy a beautiful looking lawn without the burden or risk involved with doing it themselves.

In many cases employing the services of a reputable company such as Lawntech can be just as cost effective as trying to do it yourself if you take into account the cost of buying DIY products and then the time it takes to apply them.  The end result of employing a professional company vs doing it yourself will be much more rewarding, safer and hassle free.

Lawntech love to reward our customers and even people who are not customers when they recommend our services to others. We reward referees with a £40 reward every time the person they recommend us to goes ahead with our annual lawn care programme, and our loyal customer will also get 50% off of their next treatment.  That’s what we call a “win win” and a fantastic way for our customers to save money on their lawn care programme.  In fact some of our customers benefit from free lawn care because they recommend us so much,

Next time you are thinking about a lawn care programme always ask if there is a referral programme to help you save money.


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