It is more than likely you should

Aeration can be carried out at any point in the year, so long the ground isn’t frozen, water-logged or too dry and hard. Spring and Autumn are great times to aerate your lawn as the soil is at the right temperate for the treatment. A bit of love and attention in the form of aeration will help your lawn recover from dry summer conditions and general wear and tear, aeration is a key part in keeping any lawn in good condition and we recommend it’s carried out regularly.

Can I Aerate it myself?

The simple answer is yes. If you have a small lawn or a lot of time on your hands, you can aerate the lawn with a simple garden fork, just ensure you place a lot of holes in the soil and make sure you get the fork in as much as possible. We recommend 125mm deep which is approximately 4.9inches.
If you are going to aerate with a machine then we would suggest going for a local company who already own the machinery and have well-trained technicians who are able to handle the workload. The vibrations alone from the machine can cause issues so if you choose to tackle it yourself then HANDLE WITH CARE. Of course here at Lawntech, we are able to provide the service at a cost effective price, using the best professional machinery.

Are there a lot of benefits to aerating the lawn?

Well, we can name a few:

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Releases toxic chemicals
  • Increases biological activity
  • Root prunes
  • Helps water penetration
  • Assists nutrient efficiency
  • Improves surface drainage
  • Allows air into the root zone
  • Penetrates subsurface thatch
  • Reduces moss infestation

The diagram below illustrates a lawn before, immediately after and 8 – 10 weeks after aeration:


With so many benefits to aerating it would be a real shame to your lawn if you were unable to get it done.
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