As we all know March is the start of the lawn year. Towards the end of February, we had more sunshine than we are used to, considering this time last year we had a visit from The Beast from the East. Whilst it is too early to say, we can only hope the beast doesn’t visit us again and the sun keeps shining.

Let’s jump into a few questions you might be asking yourself at this time of year…

Does your mower make the cut?

If you haven’t already sharpened your mower blades then you’d better get on top of that quick, as you don’t want to be held up waiting for your mower to be serviced when you want to mow.
Have a petrol mower? Well, if you’re feeling like Vin Diesel then grab your mower’s manual and handle the simple changes you can do such as oil and spark plug.
With regard to cylinder mowers it is best to let a professional handle them, so take them down to your local specialist for a service.
Start off mowing the lawn little and often (on a low setting) as the grass is growing but once the growth speed is sped up due to the sun then aim to mow every week at a height of between 20mm to 40mm to help reduce the stress to the lawn.

Looking a little Mossy?

Hopefully by this point, the moss will start to recede from the treatments being made during the winter months. Of course, if moss is still lingering then it would be a good idea to top up the treatments during the spring before it gets too hot. Adding moss treatment during warm weather can burn the lawn and kill the grass, so stay well away from adding these treatment during weeks of a hot forecast.

Do I need to feed my grass?

With spring here, it is essential you feed your grass the correct nutrients in the right amounts in order to help the grass grow strong and healthy. To understand what to look for in a healthy plant, it should be thicker, denser and greener.

What about scarifying and aerating my lawn?

Most lawn care professionals don’t recommend heavy scarifying during the spring, but a light de-thatch with a spring tine rake or scarifier is a good idea and will remove moss or dead plant tissue giving the grass the breathing room it needs.
Now in terms of aeration, spring is a great time for such a treatment as it will penetrate the soil and provide essential oxygen, nutrients and water to the root zone.

All in all Spring is the optimal time to start your lawn care whether that be by Doing It Yourself or hiring a company. Just ensure you are handling the care properly as doing too much or too little can harm the state of your lawn.

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