Tucked up snug and warm in our office all year, we always spare a thought for our technicians, toiling away out there in all weathers. Now, as winter spreads its freezing, frosty fingers across the country, have you ever wondered what keeps a lawn care company busy at this time of year? Whilst it’s tempting to curl up and hibernate, or fly south for warmer climes, winter is (perhaps surprisingly) a very busy time for lawn care companies.

Master Blaster 1

Master Blaster or Bennie and the Jets?

While our clients’ lawns go into dormancy and preserve their energy over the winter, we use the time to take stock of the year’s events and make plans for the future. Our treatment year runs from March to February,  so the technicians will still be making their rounds in January and February. They’ll be carrying out the second, crucial moss treatment of the year, and will also give a great deal of time and attention to the detailed dismantling, fettling and rebuilding of their valuable equipment. We only buy the best, most reliable and robust lawncare machinery, but as you can imagine this takes a real pounding over the course of a treatment year. Blades, tines, chains, belts and many other components will all need replacement at some point in their working lives, so we have a carefully planned maintenance schedule to work through and winter is the perfect time for this. Likewise, our Personal Protective Equipment needs to be thoroughly checked, maintained and replaced where necessary and the same goes for our fleet of vehicles which keep your lawn care heroes on the move. All of these practices go to ensure that every piece of equipment we use, wear or drive will reflect positively on the Lawntech brand.




The right tools for the job

The right tools for the job!


Activity in the office barely slows down either. Our business development planning will have been started early in the preceding year so that by the time winter comes around, the marketing and advertising campaigns will be fine-tuned and finalised. Improvements to our operational systems and procedures can be implemented now, and It’s also a great time for staff training. Many of our people take the opportunity to attend courses, seminars and conferences to broaden their knowledge and develop skills.

So much for winter being a quiet time!

Lawn Care Conference Season

It’s conference season for the Lawncare industry

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