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Lawn drought stress advice

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We drought you’re going to like this…

During a drought our lawns are never going to look at their best and will soon turn dormant and start to go brown. Sometimes no matter how much you water your lawn it’s still no substitute for rain.

In simple terms, a drought is a period of unusually dry weather that persists long enough to cause environmental problems, such as crop damage and water supply shortages. However lawns can start to suffer from a lack of moisture even after just a few weeks of hot dry weather.

Here are our top tips on how to care for your lawn during a drought:

Watering – If there is no hosepipe ban or water restriction you should start to water your lawn before it becomes too dry. When watering your lawn, it is best to try to mimic nature by irrigating thoroughly to simulate natural rainfall. This encourages the lawn to deep root by forcing the roots deeper to search for water. Lightly watered turf can create shallow rooted plants which need water all the time and are, therefore, ill prepared for a drought. Taking the “little and often watering approach” is therefore not recommended.

Consider an irrigation system – If your lawn is prone to drying out maybe an automatic irrigation system could be installed.

Mowing – Mow on a higher setting than usual and avoid scalping.

Avoid fertiliser – Refrain from using fertiliser during drought, unless you are intending to use a drought-safe fertiliser that will not release nutrient until rain returns.

Avoid herbicides – Refrain from using herbicides such as weed killers as they are less likely to work as efficiently and may harm the grass.

Recovery Plan – As the dry spell comes to an end assess if the lawn needs any recovery treatment such as scarifying, aeration or over-seeding. Late summer is a great time to get on with this even whilst it is dry because recovery will be rapid once rain finally arrives.

Professional Lawn CareRemember a professional lawn care programme it is often as cheap as doing it yourself, but with the added benefit of the expertise of our qualified professionals doing it for you while you sit back and relax.

However there’s nothing to stop you doing it yourself, and you can find top quality, value for money supplies at thelawnstore.co.uk, including ‘repair’ packages that have all you need to give your lawn some TLC in one place – we drought you’d get that anywhere else…

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